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Ksix 500 El Panel solar y cargador

Ksix 500 El Panel solar y cargador

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Todo lo que necesitas saber sobre el Ksix 500 El Panel solar y cargador

Maximum power for your getaway

Its 510Wh Li-ion battery will give you enough energy that your trip needs. To charge it, simply connect the Power Station for 3 hours to any mains through its 30V DC input or its 100W USB-C input. If you prefer a more eco-friendly and cheaper option, you can charge it through a solar panel (not included) of up to 240W. Just find a source of sunlight... And voila!

The charging time varies depending on the power source. 3-4h AC power adapter / 3-8h Solar panel / 6-7h USB-C input / 14-15h Car charger

Connect up to 6 devices

This station has 6 power outlets from which you can connect different devices or small appliances. Here you will find 2 AC sockets with a maximum output of 1,600W, 2 18W USB-A ports, 1 100W USB-C PD port and 1 120W DC outlet. And all this without having an external electrical network.

Control the power from your mobile

Its Bluetooth connection allows you to connect the Power Station to the TuyaSmart app. An app available for Android and Apple that will allow you to regulate the power of each of the output ports from your mobile or tablet. Personalize your consumption and enjoy your trip even more.

Integrated LED display

The LED screen tells you everything. When the product is fully charged, the LED screen turns off and stops charging. When any function is activated, the screen lights up. When the screen display is not needed, you can simply press the button to turn off the LED display. A quick way to check the battery level, input and output power and see if the Bluetooth is connected or not.

easy to transport

Its design with a built-in handle makes it easy to carry its 6.7kg weight. A Power Station that does not take up too much space and that will allow you to take it anywhere. It also includes two chargers: an AC power adapter and a car charger to charge your power station.

Ksix 500 El Panel solar y cargador

  • Color : Negro
  • Modelo : 500
  • Product type : Refurbished
  • Marca : Ksix
  • Peso : 6700 g

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