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It seemed complicated to have an iPhone but finally, Hey Phones found the ideal solution to end your worries and brighten your days. Refurbished, 100% functional, rigorously tested and with a one year warranty, we have all the conditions so that you don't even think about buying a new one. What is a Refurbished? Reconditioned smartphones are semi-new equipment that may have been on display in a store or returned to them due to dissatisfaction, in the period immediately after purchase. It is from this theme that the need arises to combine this brand with an ecological concept where when buying we are automatically reducing, reusing and recycling. This is our purpose, to prolong the life of a product and later change mentalities. With much more attractive prices and surprising operating conditions, the excuses that you still invent just to have a new phone, were just excuses because your best solution is the Hey Phones you have! Do you accept the challenge?

  • N° de IVA: PT510723632
  • N° CIF: 510723632
  • Dirección: Hey Phones, Av. Fontes Pereira de Melo, 35 – 4ºA, 1050, Lisboa, PT

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15 productos

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